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Properties of Shell are thought to include:

  • Enhance Fertility and virility of both mind & body
  • Thought to protect against uncooperative attention & actions
  • Used in treatment of hearing disorders - can assist in healing in breaks of skeletal structure.
  • Used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability
  • Promotes cooperation between the self and others – excellent source of cohesive energy for groups

Marianna and Richard work with Balinese Shell Artisans to cut four different kinds of shell; Paua Shell from New Zealand, White Mother of Pearl from Indonesia and South Pacific, Black Mollusk Shell from Indonesia and Golden/Grey Shell from Indonesia.  All are not endangered and approved by US Fish and Wildlife.

Revered by ancient tribes throughout the world as magical gift from the sea, Shell was amongst the earliest used for human adornment.  Beautiful in color and easier to cut and carve then stones.  It was a connection to the power of water creating a protective and empowered sense of self.






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Results 1 - 20 of 115

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