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Properties of Quartz are thought to include:

  • Crystals are reputed to promote hope, happiness and optimism while awakening us to the beauty of nature.
  • Bring more balance, grace and harmony to your life
  • Foster balance within and among your body’s physical processes
  • Regain your balance after a life-changing or traumatic experience

Found around the world, the important quartz deposits are in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Ontario Canada, the U.S.A. and the French and Swiss Alps, known for their magnificent large crystals

Usually clear but available in assorted colors depending on its source.   A silicon dioxide, crystallizing in the form of masses, grains, druses, and prismatic hexagonal crystals, having both piezoelectric (pie-ee-zo) and pyroelectric properties. Negative and positive polarity characteristics are subject to change due to heat or pressure. For example, normally positive, receptive energy will change, then becoming negative and emitting energy. Therefore, these properties are used in matters of focus, storage, transfer, and transformation of energy

Quartz is said to be the universal healing stone, able to clarify what needs to be healed or balanced and assist in the transformation.  An amplifier of energy it has been used to direct healing and positive intent for centuries.


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Results 1 - 20 of 81

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