Balinese "Shiva" Shell Necklace Siwa-W

$14.99 each Width: 18 in
Length: 2 in
Height: 0.25 in

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Fun, Glamorous and affordable, this snazzy necklace is a great addition to your jewelry box!  The 18-19" Necklace features five strands of creamy white beads with a bead toggle.  The Centerpiece is a 2-1/2" Round Pendant created out of Natural Shell set in resin in a beautiful design.  After the shells are collected from the shores of Bali,  the Conical Shells are cut into crossections and placed circling the center.  In the center the "Shiva" Shell is placed.  This is a round part of the shell that naturally falls off the living shell at the end of its life, and it is ground smooth in the oceans currents and sands  before washing to shore to be collected. The spiral of life, the Koru, the Reiki symbol, all share this spiral symbol found in nature.

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