Carolina Gonzalez Frias

"Caro" Collection from Chile

On a trip to Chile where I continued my studies with Shamanic Healing, I had the privilege to meet a wonderful Jeweler, Carolina Gonzalez Frias.  I immediately fell in love with the unique Silver motifs and symbols with thier spiritual basis.  I brought back a small collection of her unique designs and will most likely not be able to get more, so I hope those that appreciate them can grab them and enjoy!

Carolina Gonzalez Frias is a very talented designer and jeweler from Chile.  Influenced by  the Mapuche Culture of Chile, Carolina incorporates symbols and motifs spiritually based.  Her Goddesses include  the "Tumi Goddess" , based on  a ancient Inkan tool for dispensing away negative energies, The "Spiral Woman"  that represents the connection with the interior world and the depth of "Pachamama" (Mother Earth), The "Goddess of Abundance" signifying  Pachamama's  (Mother Earth's) abundance and awareness of our innate goodness and  "Woman of Sisterhood" , symbolizing a calling to the sacred female circle. She also includes the spiral disks representing the  four elements and the four directions of the wind.  A one time sharing, there is only one of each item so it is a wonderful oppportunity to treat yourself  to something extra special!

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Caro Collection from Chile


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