Peruvian Serpentine Earrings with Hummingbird NP320B

Peruvian Serpentine Earrings with Hummingbird
Peruvian Serpentine Earrings with Hummingbirdnp320b_back_ruler
$62.00 each Width: 0.625 in
Length: 2 in
Height: 0.25 in

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Beautiful earrings handmade by the artisans of Peru.  The Natural Serpentine is set open, polished and smooth, in the sacred shape found in the windows that are carefully aligned with surrounding mountains and stars found throughout Machu Pichu and other ancient Incan sites.  The hand worked silver at the top of the stone is in the shape of a hummingbird. The Royal Hummingbird is sacred to the people of the Andes, The archetype of the North, it was thought to be the symbol of joy and reminded us to enjoy “the sweet nectar of life”. These earrings are nearly 2" long and feature a latching back as well as a 5mm round of Serpentine on the earring wire.

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