Peruvian Chakana Yin-Yang Multi-Gemstone Pendant NP106

Peruvian Chakana Yin-Yang Multi-Gemstone Pendant
Peruvian Chakana Yin-Yang Multi-Gemstone Pendantnp106_back
$105.00 each Width: 1.5 in
Length: 1.75 in
Height: 0.25 in

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This is a beautiful pendant hand-crafted by Peruvian Artisans.  The overall shape of the pendant represents the "Chakana", which is the Andean Cross Symbol a sacred symbol of the ancient Inca civilization.  It represents the four corners of the Inca World, the four directions and the four organizing principles of the universe. A Yin-Yang symbol has been inlaid into the center. Yin-Yang is the concept of of dualism, and how opposite forces are actually interconnect and compliment each other. On the back we find seven inlaid stones representing the chakras, Coral, spiny oyster, shell, green chrysocolla, turquoise, sodalite and purple spiny oyster.  These seven stones are worn above the heart and the belief is the line of gemstones will help to open all of the chakras of the owner with the corresponding colors. Total length of this pendant is 1 3/4" long.

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