Black Cinnabar Fan Pendant with Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone AE19B

$42.00 Width: 1.15 in
Length: 2.25 in
Depth: 0.35 in

Cinnabar is resin collected from the Laq tree. This resin is hardened in layers and carved into the intricate designs that you see here. Typically a bright red color, this Cinnabar has been dyed black for a bold and unique look. The fan shape is approximately 20x28mm, the accent stones are Labradorite (7x9mm rectangle) and Rainbow Moonstone (5mm round). The entire piece measures 2 1/4" long and features a nice large 5x8mm bale. This piece was designed by Marianna and Richard and handmade by the Artisans of Bali!

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