Goddess Pendant with Varascite, Tanzanite and Amethyst RM110V

Goddess Pendant with Varascite, Tanzanite and Amethyst
$130.00 each Width: 1.15 in
Length: 3.25 in
Height: 0.25 in

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A rare and unique goddess pendant designed by Marianna and Richard contains equally rare and unique stones! Varascite is a stone that can be anywhere from light apple green to dark green, to solid purple, or purple with green inclusion. It can be used for meditation as it is a calming stone. The goddesses headdress is adorned with a Tanzanite, which is thought to activate psychic abilities. Amethyst accents have also been used and that stone can assist with mental clarity and help to clarify dreams. These all add up to a spectacular piece visually as well as metaphysically! This piece was handmade by the Artisans of Bali and measures 3 1/4" long which includes the nearly 1" long enhancer bale.

Please note: tiny surface scratches can be seen on the back of the pendant but in no way detract from the beauty when worn.

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