Kyanite & Moon Dawn Topaz Post Earrings NE937

Kyanite & Moon Dawn Topaz Post Earrings
$88.00 each Width: 0.5 in
Length: 1.65 in
Height: 0.25 in

Pairing two beautiful blue gemstones together is always a win in my book! Here designers Marianna and Richard have placed a stunning 7mm Moon Dawn Topaz faceted in a checkerboard fashion for maximum sparkle on the post and below a 10x20mm Kyanite pear. Kyanite has been associated with the Throat Chakra, helping with communication as well as boosting the immune system however it is one of the few stones known to help clear and balance ALL Chakras. Topaz assists in communication; helps the body, mind, and spirit connect with the universal forces. Sterling Silver bead details complete the look. These earrings were handmade by Balinese Artisans and measure 1 5/8" long.

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