December 22 - January 19


Fluorite, Lapis-Denim, Lapis-Lazuli, Lapis-Nevada, Malachite, Onyx, Ruby, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline-Green, Agate, Amber, Azurite, Carnelian, Peridot, Smokey Quartz, Turquoise, Garnet, Labradorite, Ruby.

Capricorns are very ambitious people, they always have something they are pursuing and they want their lives to be fulfilled and important. Capricorns are extremely patient and will wait a long time for something they want, when the opportunity arises, they will plan their steps carefully to others, they might appear hesitant but this is not true, they know that there is only one chance to succeed and they are filing together their information to take the proper steps to accomplish their goal with flying colors, not just second rate.

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Results 1 - 20 of 227

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