Turquoise & Apatite Pin-Pendant RM451T

Turquoise & Apatite Pin-Pendant
$94.00 each Width: 1.5 in
Length: 1.25 in
Height: 0.25 in

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Apatite and Turquoise are a match made in heaven! They are a perfect color match and metaphysically Turquoise brings forth qualities of mental clarity and spiritual clarity and increases psychic powers while Apatite helps with manifestation! Turquoise and Apatite are both beneficial to the throat chakra! This pin-pendant features a 15x20mm Turquoise surrounded by eight 3.5mm faceted rounds of Apatite. Sterling Silver swirls decorate the spaces between the stones. This piece is 1 1/4" tall and nearly 1 1/2" wide. it was designed by Marianna and Richard and handmade by the Artisans of Bali!

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