Third Eye Chakra Amethyst and Iolite Necklace LP1022AMY

$160.00 Width: 0.15 in
Length: 42 in
Depth: 0.15 in

A new Favorite, this genuine Amethyst and Iolite Necklace is limited and versatile.  The high quality of of the 4mm roundels of Amethyst and Iolite allow the wearer to enjoy the properties of the stones that associate with the Indigo Colors and properties of the 6th Chakra.  This Necklace of Intuition,  whether worn over the heart as a necklace, or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet,  can help clear the Chakra helping bring balance and clarity.   The extra length allows for fun and flexibility on how you choose to wear it, with its handmade sterling Silver fishhook clasp, you have seven links to adjust  it to your wrist or neck with a 6th Chakra Charm dangling at the end.

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Results 1 - 2 of 2

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