Ruby Zoisite Hand-Carved Ring Size 7 W-RZ_4_4

$98.00 each Width: 0.75 in
Length: 1.2 in
Height: 0.55 in

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This Hand Carved Ruby Zoisite Frog ring is beautifully set in handmade sterling silver from the artisans of Bali. The Stone Carvers must carefully find the natural Ruby Deposits in the matrix of Green Zoisite from Tanzania to carve the Frog out of as a relief. The size of the ruby deposits vary adding difficulty and creative problem solving for the master carvers. The end result is a true collectible pendant. The host rock of Zoisite is carved into a leaf, and the natural Ruby is carved with incredible detail into a Frog that sits on top in 3-dimensional glory.

For cultures around the globe the frog is the symbol of good luck and fertility. Beliefs on how a frog amulet can assist one when wearing, include....

- To help with any life transitions with ease and clarity

- To assure one of safety as they are thought to protect one when traveling

- To help enhance your intuition and strengthen your connection with the spirit world

- to help break old patterns of thought and open one to new creative thinking and action

- In Ireland, the Celts believed it represented healing powers due to the connection with water and cleansing rains

The silver setting of this unique ring is fully adjustable and can be opened up to one size bigger or squeezed to adjust to one size smaller, however it will come in a size 7.

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