Peruvian Sterling Silver "Kintus" Earrings NP316

Peruvian Sterling Silver "Kintus" Earrings
Peruvian Sterling Silver "Kintus" Earrings np316_back_ruler
$72.00 each Width: 1 in
Length: 2.25 in
Height: 0.25 in

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The Coco Leaf was a gift from Pachamama. The "Kintus" offering typically consists of three coca leaves carefully selected and arranged in a specific configuration. Each leaf representis one of the three different worlds in the Andean cosmovision; Uju Pachu (lower), KayPachu (middle) and hanaq Pacha (above). These earrings are comprised of Sterling Silver and measure nearly 2 1/4" from the ear. The back latches for added security!

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