Peruvian "Kintus" Inspired Dangle Earrings NP223

Peruvian "Kintus" Inspired Dangle Earrings
Peruvian "Kintus" Inspired Dangle Earringsnp223_back_ruler
$110.00 each Width: 0.625 in
Length: 1.625 in
Height: 0.25 in

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The Coco Leaf was a gift from Pachamama. The "Kintus" offering typically consists of three coca leaves carefully selected and arranged in a specific configuration which represents duality and balance such as the complementary forces of male and female, earth and sky, and the physical and spiritual worlds. These earrings are comprised of hand cut and hand inlaid Spiny Oyster Shell, Chrysocolla, Sodolite, Sugilite, and Mother of Pearl. They measure nearly 1 3/4" long. They have a latching back for added security on the ear.

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