Inlaid Peruvian Reversible Pendant NP027

$220.00 each Width: 1.3 in
Length: 1.85 in
Height: 0.25 in

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This is a beautiful pendant hand-crafted by Peruvian Artisans.  The overall shape of the pendant represents the "Chakana", which is the Andean Cross Symbol referred to as "Chakana", and is a sacred symbol of the ancient Inca civilization.  It represents the four corners of the Inca World, the four directions and the four organizing principles of the universe.  The four elements of the sun, the moon, water, and air are inlaid into the four corners of the piece using Orange Spiny Oyster, Peruvian Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, and Abalone. The center circle of the pendant spins, which gives it versatility.  On one side, are hand-cut and inlaid pieces of Purple Spiny oyster, that represent the sacred spiral pattern of "Pachamama" Mother earth.  On the other side a triangle inlaid from Shell represents the three worlds and the center of Orange Spiny Oyster represents where all three worlds meet.  The length is 2", and the bail opening has a width of 4mm. 

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