Handmade Silver Labradorite Ring LP740LAB_7

 Handmade Silver Labradorite Ring
$74.00 each Width: 0.5 in
Length: 0.75 in
Height: 0.25 in

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Handmade Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring by the Artisans of Bali.  Designed by Marianna and Richard, this 15x20 Oval of Labradorite is bezel set and has tapering sides of silver detail of swirls and bead-work that the Balinese are so well known for.  A Feldspar, The Natural Labradorite reflects shades of blue, Green and sometimes gold from the plates of inner minerals and inclusions.  The Stone of Intuition, it has thought to help one feel confident in their decisions and path in life.   Although your ring will be sized, the shank is open in the back, so it can be adjusted up to a full size bigger.

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