Goddess Ring with Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst and Aquamarine RM296ST_11

$115.00 each Width: 1 in
Length: 1.12 in
Height: 0.5 in

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This is THE classic Goddess Ring designed by Richard and Marianna Jacobs. The traditional Balinese headdress is created in sterling silver. Handset beads and silver wire coils create the arresting affect that has been the hallmark of the Offerings Jewelry designs. Here we have precious gemstones surrounding the hand-carved 11x15mm oval cow bone face. Three Amethyst (one 3x5mmm cabochon pear and two 3mm faceted rounds) as well as one 4x6mm faceted pear of Pink Tourmaline and two 3mm faceted rounds of Aquamarine add color and contrast!

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