Aventurine Goddess with Lapis and Gemstones WJ233

Aventurine Goddess with Lapis and Gemstones
$175.00 each Width: 1.5 in
Length: 2.75 in
Height: 0.5 in

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This Aventurine Goddess pendant exudes coolness and calmness, from the colors to the metaphysical properties of the stones! The exemplary stones are as follows: 26x35mm Aventurine Goddess, a 6x9mm Lapis pear, a 5mm faceted Iolite round, two 3mm faceted rounds of White Topaz, two 4x6mm Iolite pears, four 3mm Peridot rounds, four 3mm Greet Tourmaline faceteed rounds, two 4mm Peridot rounds, two 4mm Rainbow Moonstone round, one 4mm Iolite round and two 3x5mm faceted Iolite ovals. Just a few of the amazing metaphysical benefits of the stones above are: Aventurine can dissolve negative energy, Lapis brings cheer and helps overcome depression, Moonstone assists with harmony, peace and balance and Iolite is a conduit for peace and truth! This piece was designed by Marianna and Richard and handmade by the Artisans of Bali. it is 2 34" long.

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