Amethyst Crystal Peruvian Pendant NP089

$128.00 each Width: 0.75 in
Length: 2.25 in
Height: 0.75 in

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A Beautiful Pendant handmade by the artisans of Peru.  It features an Amethyst Crystal left in its organic natural formation.  Left open worn over the heart this is believed to bring the owner calm and protection and assists them to tune into their intuition.  A silver snake is laid on top of the crystal, an archetype of the healer throughout many cultures, the one who teaches us to shed our personal past the way she sheds her skin.  Next to the snake are seven inlaid stones representing the chakras, Coral, Spiny oyster, Mother of Pearl, Green Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Sodalite and Purple spiny oyster.  These seven stones are worn above the heart and the belief is that the line of gemstones will help open all of the chakras of the owner with the corresponding colors.  The length is 2 1/4", and the bail has an opening of 4mm.

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