Carved Compressed Turquoise;Turtles,Lizards &Celtic Designs - four Sizes & Shapes Set of 7 ST.TQ

Hand-Carved Compressed Turquoise Various Sizes and Shapes Set of 7
$75.00 each

Discounted loose stones for designer jewelry

7 delightful various sizes and shapes of carved compressed Turquoise offered below cost at $75.00 for the lot. The carvings were designed by Marianna and Richard.  Two 18x22 diamonds, one 23x28mm "teardrop" (with turtle and lizard carving), one one 20x30 oval (with turtle carving), two 20x30mm ovals (with lizard carving),and one 20x30mm oval (with turtle and lizard carving). All Discounted loose stones directly from the Marianna and Richard Jacobs Sajen collection.

Being shown with a quarter for scale. 

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