Rose Quartz and Garnet Post Earrings MR615

Rose Quartz and Garnet Post Earrings
$40.00 each Width: 0.65 in
Length: 1.12 in
Height: 0.35 in

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Rose Quartz and Garnet are such an amazing power team! Metaphysically Garnet has been shown to resolve anger and encourage serenity and in the middle ages it was considered a gem of faith and truth. It is associated with the Root Chakra. Rose Quartz emits a calming energy which can work on all Chakras but especially the Heart and Crown Chakras. Rose Quartz opens a sense of self love and encourages peacefulness within relationships. Here designers Marianna and Richard have paired a nice large oval of rose Quartz (10x15mm) with a faceted pear of Garnet (7x9mm). The detailed silver work is delicate and beautiful! The entire length of these earrings is just over 1" long. 

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Results 1 - 4 of 4

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